Topline Steel provides you with top-quality steel frames!

Based in Wetherill Park, NSW Australia, we provide the best steel frame solutions locally for your construction projects.

Quality Products Through Dedication

We constantly improve and upgrade our production processes, installation skills and Supply arrangements to ensure that our customers receive competitive prices and excellent quality products.  

—— Structural Steel
  • Strengthen your project with our top-quality structural steel.
  • Get the support you need with our expertly installed steel beams and columns.
  • Built to last: our structural steel is designed for durability and longevity.
  • Trust our team of experts to provide the perfect steel solution for your project.
  • Elevate the look and strength of your property with our custom structural steel service.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose our structural steel service for your next project.

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Our Products

Affordable, durable, and labour-saving steel frames.

Trade Support

Are you ready to install our steel for your new home?

Our Experienced staff at Topline Steel use modern technology to help you supply light steel frames for your dream home.

Topline Steel manufactures top-quality steel house frames, and trusses for residential and commercial projects. The steel frames are accurate with uniform strength throughout any imperfections as in traditional natural timber frames. We work with your schedule for faster installation, saving valuable time during construction.

When it comes to building houses, the choice of framing typically comes down to one of two options: wood or steel. Steel frames are becoming extremely popular because of the many advantages to traditional method.

Our frames are manufactured to Australian standards.

Our steel is grade 550 AZ150 (G550 AZ150) to AS 1397:2021.

Topline Steel light Steel frames are best choice for your residential or commercial projects. Our modern equipment guarantees excellent quality products for your needs. In addition, our products have an elevated level of product quality to consider at the design stage. Precision products can also ensure that our frames are easy and fast to install saving time and money during construction.

Moreover, Topline Steel can supply frames using Truecore steel or imported products to meet your requirements of quality and budget.

Our installation and transportation services help customers deliver the scheduled products installed safely.

Steel frames, they are generally large and cannot be loaded by ordinary vehicles. Our transportation team will take great care of your ordered steel products until they are safely delivered to the destination.

At the same time, our professional installation team will provide you with accurate and safe installation services. We are familiar with Australian industry standards and installation procedures to ensure that we can complete the installation work with reasonable price, safety, reliability, and trust for you. 

The Advantages of Light Steel Frames


The steel frames provide excellent durability

Design Flexibility

Provides excellent structural strength of steel frames

Cost effectiveness

Steel frames and trusses are cost effective and provides guaranteed strength of Grade 550 for all members

Termite Proof

Home owns can feel relieved from termites for ever with light Steel frame

Fire Safe

A house made with timber frame can catch fire easily, making it vulnerable to damage

Fast & Easy

Work with your schedule for faster installation, saving valuable time 

Why Choose Us

Topline Steel is committed to providing top quality and design-conscious steel frames to owners, builders, developers, and designers. 

Australian made
High-Quality Product
Aesthetic Advantage
Cutting-Edge Technology
Excellent After-Sales Service

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